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Brilliant Luxury

Elevate your vacation and enjoy lasting memories with family and friends at Boutiq’s stunning luxury properties inspired by the world’s best boutique hotels.

Who We Are

The concept for Boutiq originated with wife-and-husband co-founders, Rena and Dan, who envisioned crafting a portfolio of bespoke, luxury vacation rental homes featuring 5-star hospitality with each home set up like a unique and inspiring boutique hotel to surprise and delight guests.

They began by renting a home in Austin, TX where they quickly found that their approach to investing in the home and guest experience resonated with travelers. 

Boutiq is creating this luxury vacation home standard by developing a collection of beautiful, custom homes that welcome guests to relax, celebrate, reflect, and be in every moment.

Our Mission

At Boutiq, we believe that guests deserve beautiful homes and obsessive hospitality, where our homes are the backdrop to brilliant memories. We curate a sense of place and the magic of a moment, and our brand promise guarantees an exceptional standard and experience across our portfolio at each and every home. 

All Are Welcome

Boutiq highlights hospitality and facilitates exceptional short-term rental stays in its diverse collection of luxury vacation residences across the country. The portfolio’s hand-selected properties prioritize attention to safety and inclusion both within the home and neighborhood, and brilliant stays for our guests of all of life’s backgrounds and phases with key focus on accessibility and social responsibility.


Boutiq’s efforts to build bridges for exploration in America’s most coveted destinations show a new generation of luxury travel experience for every path.

Our Feather

The Boutiq feather is a symbol of comfort, light, freedom and discovery. The feather’s elegant floating and drifting defies gravity to exist weightless and free in a single moment, as a reminder to be present, to pay closer attention, and to connect to experience.


The feather sparks our awareness, invites our discovery, welcomes us with comfort, and reminds us of the special magic of time and place. The feather heightens our senses and celebrates a rare moment in time, becoming a guiding inspiration for living purposefully, graciously, limitlessly and with brilliant light. 


An elegant marriage between art and science, our world-class team leads at the intersection of hospitality and tech innovation. Brilliant, bespoke guest stays are our highest priority, and our site-selection is seamlessly enhanced with data science-driven sourcing of the perfect homes and destinations. With all the polish and sophistication of a luxury brand, and the forward-thinking mindset of an Austin-based travel technology company, the Boutiq team obsessively goes above and beyond to deliver the future in luxury vacation home experiences.

Rena Pacheco-Theard - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

Rena Pacheco-Theard

Co-Founder | CEO

MBA, MIT Sloan

MPAff, The University of Texas

BS, Georgetown University

Eric Brodnax - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

MBA, University of Pennsylvania,
The Wharton School
AB, Princeton University

Dan Driscoll - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

Dan Driscoll

MBA & MA (Advertising),
The University of Texas

BA, Pomona College

Tim Renner - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

Tim Renner

Co-Founder | CTO

PhD (Physics),
Baylor University
BS, McMurry University

Tracye Shaw - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

Tracye Shaw

Board of Directors

JD, The University of Texas

BA, Trinity University (Texas)

Co-Founder | COO & Product

Co-Founder | CFO & CRO

Eric Brodnax

Chad Pimentel - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

Chad Pimentel

Head of Growth

BA, Colby College

David Atlas - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

David Atlas

Head of Operations

MBA, The University of Texas

BA, Yale University

Alex Isaacs - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

Alex Isaacs


BFA, Texas State University

Taylor Causby - Boutiq ( | @boutiq)

Taylor Causby

Product & Finance

BS, University of St. Thomas


Michelle Matar


BS, George Mason University


Nika Strzelecka

Product & Operations

M.S.Ed. University of Pennsylvania

BA, Pomona College

Paige Eldridge.png

Paige Eldridge



Jennifer Daniels


BS, Western Governors University


Mitchell Kwon


BA, Iowa State University


Shauna Chasteen


BA, University of Ulster

BA, University of Central Lancashire


Nick Woodhouse


BBA, Belmont University


Julieta Rodriguez


St. Edward's University

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